Using Drones as a Countermeasure Against Unmanned Threats

Wednesday, September 11 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Location: S401ABC

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Title: Using Drones as a Countermeasure Against Unmanned Threats


Physical security for all but the most extreme situations has traditionally focused on threats that swim, crawl, walk, or run. However, this basic assumption is proving to be no longer applicable to even moderate-risk environments. Walk through case studies that show the breadth of real-world commercial-drone security incidents, including corporate espionage, targeted assassination attempts, and terrorist threats. These case studies form the basis for small groups to create risk assessments for various scenarios, including stadiums and outdoor public venues, critical infrastructure, prisons, industrial test facilities, and executive protection. Learn how successful countermeasures can be incorporated into the small group scenarios.

Session Number: 6304

Type: Panel Discussion

Target Audience Experience: Advanced

Target Audience Experience: Advanced




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