Ten Things I Learned from 350 Security Assessments: Part 1

Monday, September 9 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Location: N230B

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Title: Ten Things I Learned from 350 Security Assessments: Part 1


The proposed series would cover practical tips and often overlooked aspects of conducting vulnerability assessments in your CIKR Sector.  Vulnerability assessments are often the first and most important step for a CIKR facility to identify shortfalls in security and develop strategies for target hardening.  The tips were developed from my team’s experience conducting over 350 vulnerability assessments of facilities in the Los Angeles Jewish community over a 6-year period as part of the The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles', Community Security Initiative.  The series would consist of four 1.5 hour workshops (lectures), each day covering another important aspect of the vulnerability assessment.  Topics would include: “Tools for Success,” “The Perimeter,” “Building Frontage” and finally, “The building Interior.”  Each day will come with a deliverable of top ten considerations for the workshop attendees.  My team’s methodology was developed using FEMA-426/BIPS-06/October 2011 Edition 2, FEMA-428/BIPS-07/January 2012 Edition 2, and law enforcement experience using the principals of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  My team has consisted of retired law enforcement, U.S. and Israeli military and security industry leaders.  My personal experience spans 28 years including: U.S. Marine Military Police, Marine Embassy Guard, Criminal Investigator, Special Agent with NCIS and private sector security subject matter expert.

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