Using De-escalation and Communications Skills in the Workplace

Monday, September 9 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

Location: S401ABC

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Title: Using De-escalation and Communications Skills in the Workplace


Communications tactics and de-escalation techniques practiced by law enforcement can be leveraged effectively in any workplace. These skills can help managers and co-workers in internal and customer-facing roles defuse hostile incidents or, more importantly, prevent them before they happen. Through role-playing, retired law enforcement personnel highlight the practical applications of these  skills. Their interaction underscores how to communicate effectively, mindfully, and respectfully; use observation to relate to any audience; and read body language cues. Whether a security job involves investigations, employee relations, or individual contributions, understand how the power of thoughtful communication can play a positive role in any workplace.

Session Number: 4202

Type: Simulation




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