Selling Security Requirements to the C-suite

Tuesday, September 10 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: S401ABC

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Title: Selling Security Requirements to the C-suite


The risk assessment is complete, the functional requirements are developed, and the preliminary design and financial analysis is finished. So, what’s next? Often the biggest obstacle to moving ahead with a security program is the final approval of the C-suite. Explore how to develop business case objectives for a security project. Discuss the key items that should be included and define how a cost-benefit analysis can supports the business case objective. Share real-world examples of how security directors have successfully received approvals from top-level executives.

Session Number: 5202

Type: Lecture

Target Audience Experience: Mid-career

Target Audience Experience: Mid-career




Selling to the C-Suite- 2019.pdf


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